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Beukeboom reaches Iceland

Goaltender a reason behind Icelandic surprise

Published 12.10.2018 14:50 GMT+5 | Author Ivan Tchechankov
Beukeboom reaches Iceland Beukeboom reaches Iceland
Skautafelag Akureyrar goalie Adam Beukeboom makes a save against Irbis-Skate Sofia captain Alexei Yotov. Photo: Rusi Karaivanov
Goaltender Adam Beukeboom carries a famous name and is a big reason behind the Icelanders’ Continental Cup surprise.


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Vikings rising

Historic triumph for the Icelandic champion

Published 01.10.2018 15:43 GMT+5 | Author Ivan Tchechankov
Vikings rising Vikings rising
2019 IIHF Continental Cup Group A. Photo: Rusi Karaivanov
The start of the 2018/2019 IIHF Continental Cup was marked by the sensational play of the Icelandic champion Skautafelag Akureyrar.


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Continental Cup set

Belfast, Lyon to host semi-final events

Published 24.09.2018 15:34 GMT+5 | Author Martin Merk
Continental Cup set Continental Cup set
The structure, participants, groups and dates for the 2018/2019 IIHF Continental Cup season have been set on Friday at the Continental Cup meeting.


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